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Rebuild PT Cruiser/SRT-4 TD04LR Turbofold
The unique Chrysler turbofolds used on the Neon SRT-4 and PT Cruiser are half turbocharger and half exhaust manifold. While most standard turbocharge ...
Rebuild PT Cruiser/SRT-4 TD04LR Turbofold

Rebuild PT Cruiser/SRT-4 TD04LR Turbofold

TU Ultimate 4-Puck Ceramic Race Clutch Kit (StageIV)
The 9 second clutch!!!

After trying all the other clutch options in the market James Reeves came to us to find a clutch that ...
TU Ultimate 4-Puck Ceramic Race Clutch Kit (StageIV)

TU Ultimate 4-Puck Ceramic Race Clutch Kit (StageIV)

About Us

We have been providing new, rebuilt and modified turbochargers locally in Phoenix, Arizona since 1977 and we back them all up with our 12-month/12,000 mile warranty (Stellar 24-month/24,000 mile for Chrysler applications only). We began offering turbochargers to the Shelby Dodge Mailing List members as well as many other FWD list members in 1998. Shelby Dodge Turbos

In 1999 we expanded to the Internet market as TurbosUnleashed.com. Initially, our Internet site concentrated only on the Front Wheel Drive Chrysler vehicles. Since we specialize in all types of vehicle applications here locally we are now expanding our internet rebuilding services to include all makes and models and, most importantly, at the same affordable prices.


It's by keeping our overhead costs down. This has never been a problem for us because we already own all of our rebuilding equipment and this allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. We have rebuilt many of our competitors stock and modified turbos, which have come through for repair. This has given us the opportunity to compare their products to ours. The differences that we have come across are few and mainly expensive options (i.e. Ball Bearings, etc.) which are not as beneficial to daily drivers and weekend warriors, but more targeted towards race-only vehicles. The performance increases of these options are there, but at a price that is usually cost prohibitive to most enthusiasts. Our core market has been owners who are interested in extra performance (12 second +) and reliability.


Precision balancing of turbine shafts and blades is standard on every modified/stock rebuilt turbocharger we sell. It aids in increasing performance output and extending the life of the bearings and other internal components. Also, our modified Super 60 and Super 70 turbos include only *NEW* Garrett compressor wheels and accessories, not used or rebuilt components.
We have witnessed turbochargers being brought in for rebuilds that have originated from shady turbo shops. Some have included used compressor wheels with filed/repaired turbine fins which can greatly depreciate performance by disrupting the flow of air and cause premature bearing failure. Keep in mind that there are shops out there that are not reputable, but, they are easily identified by the numerous complaints that follow them.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce Turbos Unleashed.com to you. Don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by the number below should you need further clarification on our products or services.
General Tech Support and Inquiries : Chris@turbosunleashed.com