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Rebuild PT Cruiser/SRT-4 TD04LR Turbofold
The unique Chrysler turbofolds used on the Neon SRT-4 and PT Cruiser are half turbocharger and half exhaust manifold. While most standard turbocharge ...
Rebuild PT Cruiser/SRT-4 TD04LR Turbofold

Rebuild PT Cruiser/SRT-4 TD04LR Turbofold

TU Ultimate 4-Puck Ceramic Race Clutch Kit (StageIV)
The 9 second clutch!!!

After trying all the other clutch options in the market James Reeves came to us to find a clutch that ...
TU Ultimate 4-Puck Ceramic Race Clutch Kit (StageIV)

TU Ultimate 4-Puck Ceramic Race Clutch Kit (StageIV)

• TU is a customer-focused business that has been supporting the International Turbo-Dodge Community since 1998 and customers all over the South Western USA since 1977.

• TU provides an unprecedented 2-year/24,000 mile Turbocharger Warranty for all Turbo-Dodge applications. No other turbo rebuilder even comes close.

• TU and PayPal offer a Money Back Guarantee with your purchase. This is a privilege that is only offered to Pay Pal sellers with a history of outstanding customer satisfaction.

• TU is now a one-stop-shop. We save you money by offering dealer direct pricing eliminating the middleman.

• TU consistently introduces New and Innovative ideas to this small niche` community. We invest thousands of dollars into the designing, manufacturing and testing of our own unique products.

• TU provides you with the immediate technical support required for the proper installation and use of all our products, as well as many other products we don't offer...Yet. We are always available to answer your calls and questions.

• TU has invested thousands of dollars in Data Logging equipment, Scanning tools, Emulators, Dyno time, as well as countless track hours of unmerciful Road Racing and Drag racing time. We do this to insure that our customers will receive the best products and Performance Calibrations possible.

• TU remains dedicated to our Turbo-Dodge customers by providing unique solutions for the unique problems that plague these one of a kind vehicles.

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